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Disruptive Investor On The Global Economy

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At Disruptive Investor, we intend to provide intelligent insights on the global economy. We believe that market participants derive minimal benefit from just looking at government published headline numbers related to inflation, unemployment and so on and so forth. A deeper analysis of data is needed to bring out the real picture of the economy or the job market. This is what we intend to do at Disruptive Investor.

Our website is therefore not just for stock recommendations, but also for macro-economic insights at a global level. There is no doubt that the primary focus will be on the United States followed by the Euro Zone. However, there will be ample discussion on Emerging Asia as well.

At Disruptive Investor, we understand that the global economic activity as well as market activity is still largely synchronized. It therefore makes sense to be aware of the broader macro-economic scenario besides focusing on individual investment themes. We must mention here that this section is targeted towards retail investors as well as institutional investors.

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For retail investors, we want to stress that articles will be presented in the simplest manner, which is understandable to everyone. The whole idea is to provide retail investors with a platform, which keeps them updated on all global economic events and their possible implications on different asset classes.

An example of the financial crisis would be perfect to demonstrate the importance of this section. Between October 2008 and March 2009, the Dollar strengthened meaningfully and all risky asset classes declined globally. Investors will remember that global equity markets bottomed out in March 2009. After March 2009, the Dollar started to weaken as the economic system was flooded with liquidity and risky asset classes started to trend higher.

There are numerous examples of the relation between the Dollar and riskier asset classes. This example was to underscore the importance of tracking the global economic activity. There are several such relations that exist between different asset classes and can potentially benefit the portfolio (if they are tracked closely).

For retail investors as well as institutional investors, we aim to provide intelligent insights, which are beyond the obvious. This will not just make an interesting read, but also provide indications of the possible trend for different asset classes.

Again, just as an example – Chinese government claimed to have robust industrial production. However, on the other hand, the electricity consumption data suggested that industrial production is potentially weak.

Disruptive Investor will make this section interesting and simple through a lot of charts and numbers. We don’t intend to write long essays. We just want to provide interesting articles.

Going forward, as this section develops; we will talk on more interesting additions. Suggestions and criticism are always invited.

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