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Disruptive Investor On Global Equities

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Disruptive Investor intends to bring forward attractive investment opportunities from global markets in this section of the website. This section is intended for Indian investors as well as global investors looking for long-term value creators.

Within the equity portfolio, it has become increasingly important to diversify on a global basis. Certain markets and regions tend to outperform others at different points of time. By having a global watch, investors can boost and balance portfolio returns.

Disruptive Investor has gained sound experience from over eight years of global stock analysis. We intend to share this with our readers. We primarily aim to discuss value creators listed in the US Stock exchange. We will also keep an eye on other relatively smaller markets and will discuss attractive opportunities as and when they come.

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High net worth individuals from India now have the flexibility (through certain brokers) to invest globally. There is no better an opportunity to build a globally diversified portfolio through a mix of growth and dividend stocks.

While US markets might be trading at relatively expensive levels, there is no dearth of undervalued stocks in certain sectors of the economy. We intend to highlight those opportunities in a timely fashion. Just like we stated in Indian equities, we will focus on mid-caps and small-caps in the global markets as well.

We are not averse to investing in large-caps. We, however intend to discover companies that have the potential to be large-caps in the future.

I must mention here that investors need to balance their portfolio with growth and dividend stocks. While we focus on growth stocks, we are certainly not recommending that investors stay away from established names.

We do intend to talk about large-caps if there are situations, which make a particular stock very cheap or expensive. Short ideas will be discussed with a relatively low frequency. We don’t intend to write a negative story until we have strong evidence or numbers to back our thesis.

I must conclude here by saying that this will be an extremely interesting and exciting section to watch out for. Imagine sitting in India or US and investing in oil rich Iraq and Africa. We, at Disruptive Investor, will make sure that your portfolio gets the best from around the globe.  

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